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Momentum is our proprietary leading-edge community, content, and analytics platform. It allows brands to connect with influencers, develop authentic showcase authentic endorsement, and access real-time performance data as your campaign propagates across the web.

SheKnows influencers want to lend their authentic voices to create compelling and share-worthy blog and social posts that feature you and your message.

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Women Wield the Greatest Influence

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We are a community that inspires and empowers women to explore and pursue their passions. Our platform enables all women to discover, share and create.  Our focus on quality -- of content and of conversation -- has earned the trust of more than 72 million women each month on our sites and blogs and 299 million fans in social.

Our Experts Among Us program features 20K+ demographically diverse bloggers, social media makers, professional writers, credentialed experts, entrepreneurs, and everyday hand-raisers who are eager to advocate on behalf of the brands they love. 

Producing Engaging & Shareable Videos

We bring your brand's story to life.  With three video production studios in New York, Los Angeles, and Scottsdale, SheKnows Media offers in-house creative services to help brands create custom, performance-driven, high-impact ad experiences.  As a part of our commitment to cultivating and mentoring talent, these studios are also available to our Experts as they make original photo and video content. 

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