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We allow brands to distribute authentic content and integrated advertising at scale. We dig deep to learn what makes our audience tick, revealing unexpected insights on women and digital media. Our editors and trend-setters produce award-winning content, influencing brand preferences and driving purchases.

SheKnows Audience of Influencers

Audience of Influencers

Connect with 40+ million engaged visitors each month

  • Young Independents: Millennials, 18-34, no kids
  • Career Mavens: Lean In ladies, 25+ and working
  • Alpha Moms: SheKnows' core audience, 18+ and a parent

When compared to the average woman, our users:

  • Follow 47 brands on social (3x more than the average)
  • Are 125% more likely to share a product recommendation to social networks. (Source: SheKnows/Harris Interactive, 2013)
SheKnows Audience of Influencers

Ad Products

SheKnows Ad Products


Custom research

Learn what we know about your customers through member surveys, audience polls, and pre- and post- campaign studies.

SheKnows custom research
SheKnows custom research

SK Studio

SheKnows offers a full creative services studio in-house to help brands create custom, performance-driven, high-impact ad experiences.