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October 16, 2014  Teen 'like' and 'FOMO' anxiety

October 15, 2014  The Secret Life of Cake: Peek-a-Boo Pumpkin Poundcake

October 14, 2014  Here’s How Women Respond to All Those ‘Female Empowerment’ Ads

October 13, 2014  These Stats Prove Femvertising Works

October 13, 2014  How Girls Really Feel About Gender Roles and the Rise of Pro-Female Advertising

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October 02, 2014  SheKnows Media Hosts Fem-vertising Panel at Advertising Week XI

August 18, 2014  Leading Women’s Lifestyle Media Platform SheKnows Acquires StyleCaster

July 10, 2014  Women’s Lifestyle Media Platform SheKnows Expands Leadership Team with 3 New Executive Appointments

June 25, 2014  SheKnows Officially Launches Explorer, an Innovative High-Engagement Content Distribution Platform for Premium Publishers

April 24, 2014  SheKnows Announces Winners of the 2014 Real Woman Beauty Awards

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Marketing to the Likeable Mom: A Report on How Family, Brands and Technology Influence Her Social Identity

SheKnows examines how four groups of mothers – Working, Stay-at-Home, Millennial and Generation X – connect with and react to technology, specifically with regard to the social media content they create, share, and seek.

Advertising and the Female Gaze: Women Demand More from Brands as Their Piece of the Purchasing Pie Grows

Ads sell much more than products and services. They push values and concepts of what success, family, beauty, happiness, love, femininity and masculinity should look and feel like in today’s society. In this byline, SheKnows explores how advertiser focus has swung profoundly toward women, and why brands that use images and messaging that inspire rather than shame will build deeper, more meaningful connections with this generation of women and those to come.

Marketing Ban Bossy: What Went Wrong And Why We Need To Ask Girls What They Want

Samantha Skey, SheKnows' Chief Revenue Officer, explores why Sheryl Sandberg's Ban Bossy campaign fell short and how taking a different marketing approach - i.e., asking girls what they think about the issue - may help continue to shed light on the important issue of girls and leadership.

5 Lessons Marketers Can Learn From Millennial Women

Tech-native, entitled, collaborative, distracted, and loyal. These are just some of the words that come to mind when describing Millennials. Of the nearly 80 million Millennials that live in the U.S. today, about half are women. What can marketers learn from this powerful, influential consumer group? In a new byline published by iMedia, SheKnows explores five strategies that can help brands build authentic connections, establish trust and ultimately gain long-term loyalty from today's young women.

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